Daring, adventurous, and longing – a powerful trinity mixed with a pinch of luck and perfect timing was the cocktail that a years ago formed Annemette Beck's international success. Participating in annual design exhibitions like 100% Design in London gave access to influential contacts. Soon after, the doors to the doors to some of the largest fashion houses like Chanel, Dior and Armani opened. In working with such stellar fashion clients, Annemette Beck's keen understanding of the kindship between textiles and ambience flourished. She fully understood the potential of the textiles and translated them into aesthetic and tactile elements that supported a particular universe. In her hands, Carpets, panels, upholstery fabrics, room dividers and wall hangings found new form and structure and became ambient decorations in stores and showrooms in Paris and across the world. The evolution of new stylish textiles happened simultaneously with a progressive shift across fashion collections of the era. Through ten years of close and intense cooperation with Chanel, this synchronous pulse became Annemette Beck’s everyday life. She created numerous handwoven Haute-couture textiles in Chanel’s signature colours; Black, white, and gold. Colors and designs were constantly adjusted to match the season's theme – or found a way to form a dialogue with the golden colour of a bottle of perfume.


"I had the pleasure and the opportunity to meet Annemette during the implementation of a new global concept for CHANEL cosmetics  point of sales in 2009 / 2010. Her participation gave us a new dimension in creating warm and delicate spaces with her soft furnishing. The combination of being creative and innovative resulted in a memorable customer experience. She is a solid partner, her know-how and her professional expertise with original ideas turned the projects to a great success. I would treasure the wonderfull memories of this long and successful collaboration …”
Zahra MOJTAHEDI- International director architecture development. Chanel 2016