At times, Annemette Beck leaves her large loom to allow time for working with more unrestricted techniques and experiment with new materials. Setting herself free results in three-dimensional works and installations shaped by wires, synthetic rubber and plant fibers. Without considering a particular space, specific customer or outside wishes, Annemette Beck puts it all on the line and explore new creative shapes. Fantasy, desire, and spontaneous joy are sworn in, although her natural inclination for control and simplifications shines through her artistic expression. Her love for contrast and a fondness for the juxtaposition between clear white and dense black colour is evident in her art. The same goes for a need to reduce and simplify, leaving space and a voice for the pure shape and the materials. Many of Annemette Beck's artworks are found at international exhibitions, such as Collect 2020 in London. Here the textile artist was represented by MadinBritaly Gallery, showing an exclusive wall hangings made from messing wire. At the same exhibition, Annemette Beck was chosen to exhibit in The VIP Lounge, curated by Rachel Chudley. At the lounge, her exhibition included two Arenga panels and three textile sculptures, ”Nests", produced by Arenga Plant fibers, linen, horsehair and lacquered copper wire.


"I was introduced to Annemette Beck’s work by our curator Valentina Buscicchio, and I was immediately struck by its aesthetics, visual impact and later by its deep-rooted narrative as well. Annemette can bring strong innovation and experimentation to a very often traditional medium as textiles. Her research and passion for experimenting is just incredible and the textile artworks she realizes push boundaries in many respects: from the careful and eclectic choice of material, to the use of traditional techniques combined in totally novel way, obtaining the realization of pure artworks which go above and beyond the  debate of beauty versus function."
Director / owner Marco Venturi MADEINBRITALY art gallery, London