The church invites us to slow down and reflect. The elevated space and unique architecture call for artistic courage, and it is tension between architecture and function, between the tangible and intangible, that fascinates Annemette Beck. Throughout her career as a textile artist, she has been fascinated with the sacred space – an attraction expressed in a line of church textiles, among others several chasubles (both printed and woven), antependium’s and sanctuary carpets. Sct. Nicolai Church in Vejle is among the many churches Annemette Beck has put a creative touch on. Its history dates back to the 12th century, and over the years, the church has been renovated, extended and refined by renowned renaissance and baroque artists. Annemette Beck joins this illustrious lineage with twelve handwoven panels, guarding two new rooms underneath the palpiture. The panels respect both the church space and the fact that they will brighten the church for many years to come. And precisely because the artwork must endure the wear and tear of a watchful eye, the time perspective places considerable weight on the works, according to Annemette Beck. The impression is discrete at a distance; however, as you move closer, the fine details emerge. Colours and materials have been carefully chosen in close cooperation with the architects and the church council. Annemette Beck has created a simple and graphical artwork in perfect harmony with surrounding materials, such as brass and tombac.

Sct. Nicolai Church, Denmark

Sct. Nicolai Church, Denmark
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“Every Sunday for years, I have enjoyed Annemette Beck's wonderful chasubles in Nærum church, where my wife was the priest. They are simple and in no way flashy (something seen from time to time), naturally befitting the beautiful, newly restored church. ”
Torben Rechendorff Former Minister of Church Affairs.