To be experimenting, dreaming, and playful is woven into the fabric of Annemette Beck's tactile artwork. When it comes to materials, she constantly tests existing boundaries and explores new paths to follow, set to unearth new surfaces, textures, and shapes to tantalize the senses and spike the imagination. What started at the loom has moved from conventional methods into new multidimensional shapes. Textiles, synthetics, natural materials, garbage and metal, is transformed into three-dimensional sensory installations, wall hangings and art in their own right. Driven by an intuitive sense of space, Annemette Beck creates artwork for churches, exhibitions, exclusive shops, hotels and private homes. Homes, where people meet to find tranquillity or to be disturbed.

Situated in the raw and rugged nature of the island Fanø, Annemette Beck explores the silence to discover moments where she can hear the clarity of her own voice. In these moments, she finds the courage and tenacity to reduce, minimize and cut away all undesired clutter to uncover a clear and simple expression. The materials find their way to the studio during her walks in nature, visiting the scrap yard, or going to Italy to be swept away by exclusive yarn.

For Annemette Beck finding inspiration is not merely connecting with the rich nature at her front door. It is equally when she experiences anything foreign, exposed to art, or explore the fashion industry. But above all, connecting with other people, preferably in an international context.
The international perspective is a hallmark of Annemette Beck. Her constant search for new shapes and materials hides an underlying need to break down boundaries and explore new ways of expression. In simple terms, she excels in a free and unrestricted artistic space. The desire to uncover all corners of the creative space has shaped her journey from the design college in Kolding, specializing in prints, to the international success she has reached today. Along the way, her creativity has been expressed in a line of church textiles, antependiums, sanctuary carpets and chasubles. And every production in close dialogue with the architecture, inspired by the reverence and calmness of the buildings.

From the sacred church space, Annemette Beck has proceeded to the exclusive and glittery universe of the fashion industry, where she works with projects for fashion houses like Chanel, Dior and Amani. Her unique eye for creative textiles, orchestrating exhibitions and furnishing stores with her fantastic art has not only found their way to the fashion arena. It has also moved into international luxury hotels, where Annemette Beck sets the mood for an inviting and embracing atmosphere. Every time in close dialogue with the customer.

No matter the task, Annemette Beck draws on her extensive insight into materials and craftmanship – and both shares and broadens her vast experience by inviting international interns to her creative space at Fanø.