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We step into shared, public or unique places, such as exhibitions, embassy’s, and hotels, where Annemette Beck, during her career as a textile artist, has created inviting and ambient environments. Together with excellent architects, she has influenced, among others, The Waldorf Hilton. Annemette Beck has a remarkable and adept eye for creating a home away from home. With a keen intuition for ambient materials, colors, shapes and texture, she has helped transform the Inhabit Design Hotel in London. The Hotel, situated in Paddington, specialize in wellness and mindfulness, and the surroundings exude tranquility and harmony. Annemette Beck has supported the hotel vision with a decorative wall hanging in the reception. Made by thick felt yearn, the wall hanging creates a serene visual statement and a positive acoustic effect to space. This project led to further work with the Inhabit hotel chain.


“Annemette Beck has an incredible style and sensibility for transforming textile and material into incredible art creations. For Inhabit hotels, we worked to create feature artworks behind the reception desk - something playful and inviting to welcome guests into a serene design space. Annemette Beck was the ideal creative partner from design to production.”
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