With the exhibition NEW DANISH MODERN Beck & Kinch showed themselves to be inventive curators willing to be both playful and informative in their delivery. In the raw environment of O Space, Beck & Kinch created a sense of adventure and energy with a display that encouraged competition and comparison – iconic ‘masters’ were sent into the boxing ring with ‘upstart’ newcomers showing the rebels and precursors of Danish Design. This irreverent, Dadaist approach was both situationally inspired, and unsettled the staid delivery of the ubiquitous and oft copied iconic works.
The interactive approach gave audiences a lot to think about and reasons to engage with design practice as both scientific and anthropological… the head and the heart measuring the success or failure of design and showing that the best design is essentially human-centric even when industrial.
NEW DANISH MODERN was a spirited enterprise and Beck & Kinch created a highly informative, entertaining and aesthetically challenging display that moved the representation of Danish Design beyond boring ubiquity to future fun.”
Juliana Engberg, Programme Director, European Capital of Culture, Aarhus 2017